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Re: After run sensor/Idle switch

  >2.  The dealer and my local non dealer Audi suppliers are unable to find a
>part # for my decel valve/fuel enrichment microswitch.  This switch, on the
>87 5KCSTQ 5 speed is located on the throttle body shaft, controlling the
>decel valve (for returning to idle) and full throttle fuel enrichment.  It is
>black and fully enclosed (or was!), and contains 2 microswitches.  They are
>unable to cross over the Bosch # stamped on it (uh, listing is for Porche 944
>and 924...).  Anyone help?
>Dave Head
>87 5KCSTQ with seemingly every thermoswitch and sensor shot...

Just repair the one you have - the black case is glued together, but
you can split it open with some care. Once inside it's easy to see
the contacts that need to be cleaned.

Nick Craft