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Re: 83 UrQ no start

>From quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net Tue Nov 21 14:55:35 1995
>Date: >
>Its my '83 TQC, lately it started a new trick where I turn the key and 
>absolutely **NOTHING** happens.  With the exception of the buzzer and the 
>correct dash idiot lights, the starter will not engage whatsoever. No 
>click, no dimming lights, no draw on the system at all.  Any clues?
>I am able to pop start it no prob.. and when its having an 'episode' I 
>can put it in gear ,and roll it a little (VERY little) and try again, and 
>usually the starter will kick in. (not enough data to verify this, but 
>twice that seemed to be the case.)
>Any suggestions appreciated. 
This sounds like the classic VW/Audi starter solenoid problem - does
it tend to occur when the engine is hot, only to cure itself after
15-30 mins cool-down?

Somebody probably remember better than me, but there's some work-around
involving putting in an extra relay or something. 

Anyway, it's prob a bad starter solenoid, I don't even remember if it can
be replaced independently of the starter...

sorry to be so vague...