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Re: 83 UrQ no start

> I am able to pop start it no prob.. and when its having an 'episode' I 
> can put it in gear ,and roll it a little (VERY little) and try again, and 
> usually the starter will kick in. (not enough data to verify this, but 
> twice that seemed to be the case.)

Sounds like you have a dead spot on your starter motor armature.  Rolling 
the car and having it work is the giveaway.  Happened to me on another 
car I used to own.  Time to rebuild that starter!

P.S.  I believe it has been suggested to you that the problem could lie
with the ignition switch not working.  This is not the problem.  I had the
switch die on me last year 300 miles away from home.  After a flatbed to
the hotel (wouldn't kick start because when the switch goes, you don't get
power to *ANY* of the necessary subsystems the car needs to run) and a
taxi ride to Radio Shaft, I rigged up a McGyver hack (using only a swiss
army knife and duct tape (I'm serious!)) to bypass the ignition switch all
together with a series of three external toggle switches.  Switch one to
turn on the ignition circuit, switch two to activate the load reduction
relay, and switch three to activate the starter.  Worked great, 'cept it
felt like I was starting an airplane every time needed to toggle all those
switches... 3-2-1 contact!!!! Varooooommmmm.........

                                                         Dan Bocek