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Brandos family oil

In a message dated 95-11-21 08:02:40 EST, you write:

>	k&n vs. Amsoil permanent, Amsoil two stage.
>	Does anyone have any thoughts on comparison of the above?  All are
>and increase air flow.  Amsoil filters are oiled foam.

How much does each increase flow?  Not sure it really matters which brand you
use.....  All are good, it's the maintenance that counts (and watch for
holes), someone posted the Amsoil are "better", but I'm not sure that is the
case......  The theory behind a "oil type" filter is pretty simple, it's the
"oil" that is trapping the dirt anyhow, what you are trapping it in really
doesn't matter, as long as it is cleanable and reuseable, and doesn't let go
of the dirt while in use, and for that the above fit the bill......