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Installed my temperature sensors

I finally got around to installing the multi-function temp.
sensors in both of my cars. Angela's 90Q20V had a completely
dead gauge, and my 100Q had a 50/50 gauge.

They install quite easily; undo the top of the radiator hose
that blocks access to it, unsnap the connector, and unscrew it
with vise-grips or a BIG wrench (1" maybe?). Then, as they
say, installation is the reverse of removal :-)

All told, it was about 10 minutes in my car (once I figured
out that I was *tightening* it, not loosening it!). Angela's
car took significantly longer, since there isn't room to swing
a screwdriver in her engine compartment.

Two questions: my car now reads about 1/2 notch cooler than it
used to. I assume this is just a slight variance in sensor output.

Angela's car reads fine, but her auto-check display sometimes
lights up the "water temperature" symbol. Water and oil temps
seem fine from the gauges. Coolant level is OK. Any thoughts?


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