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Re: ovloV S4?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jesster436@aol.com say:

> OK,  what's the deal with this new Volvo S4?  Doesn't that model name sound a
> bit too familiar?  Seems that Volvo has decided to go Audi (and
>  Mercedes-Benz,  Lexus,  Infiniti,  et al) by naming its mobile boxes with a
> letter [S=sedan,  C=coupe,  F=station wagon (flexibility?)] and a number
> (4=small,  6=med,  9=large.)  Has the entire automotive world gone
> alpha-numeric?

It's not just the Automotive world.

My new skis are "S9"'s from Dynastar. In fact, the whole Dynastar
line has gone to this style: S=slalom, G=GS, V=vertical, X=cross,
followed by a number: 1=cheap, 9=top-of-the-line.

At least I've stopped seeing "turbo" skis (honest, I saw a pair
not too long ago. Hart, I think....).


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