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Audi news on 30V V6, A3Q

the december issue of CAR has quite a bit of audi news (remember,
you read it here first).

- audi sales are up 22.5% worldwide for 1/95 thru 6/95

- in the same period, it is up 33.9% in the USA

- sales of the old A6 is up 5%

- the A8 is sold out until early next year  (!!!)

- a v8 200 bhp turbodiesel has been announced for the big cars

- a v6 2.5 liter turbodiesel has also been announced

- the A3 will be based on the golf Mk IV and will have a 
transverse engine.  the quattro version will not be the
usual audi quattro full time 4wd, but rather the VW syncro
part time VC automatically engaging 4wd.  :(

- the new A6 is said to be radically styled and despite being
made of steel will be lighter than the current model.

- the 30V V6 produces 193 bhp and 206lbft of torque.  the torque
curve of the 30V exceeds the 12V's 184lbft peak all the way from
2400 to 5400 rpm, so this is a nice torquey engine.

- the A6Q 30V has a factory claimed performance of 7.9 sec and 142 mph.