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Re: Audi news on 30V V6, A3Q

On Wed, 22 Nov 1995, Psychos 'R Us wrote:

> > - the new A6 is said to be radically styled and despite being
> > made of steel will be lighter than the current model.
> I hope it won't be like MB's attempt at their E-class. I hate bug eyes. 
> If I see any more bug eyes, I'm going to have to take a fly swapper with 
> me whenever I go out in the car.

i think we can be pretty confident that audi will maintain the corporate
look for the nose..  the a8 had a bunch of different prototype noses with
radical six projector headlights and other fancy stuff but in the end they
settled for the corporate look. 

according to georg kacher "the beltline will be higher, the greenhouse
smaller, the roof more curved, the overhangs shorter, the wheelbase longer
and there'll be more brightwork."   i think it would look like a
slightly elongated A4.  

i also forgot to mention that the A3Q will have the VR6 engine. it seems
logical since this is a transversely mounted engine.  it would also seem
logical that the cars with the longitudinally mounted engine will get the
audi v6.  (let's not start another VR6 argument, please)

> Now, how many cupholders does the new A6 got? (:

none.  how about that for scandalous?

just kidding.