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It's running, thanks for the sympathy

It's actually proving to be a fun car.  That would be my 'new'
84 4000sq, affectionately named the Red Devil for various reasons.

It's running well, looks great with the MSW rims, and now that
most of the running problems are cured (still waiting for the
replacement cat and it has a bit of hesitation sometime, that I
think might be the fuel pump - I'm trying some FI cleaner first)
it's quite nice.

I installed a stereo - for the curious, Kenwood tape/changer head
with Polk 5.25" speakers in the doors (the largest size that will
fit) and Pioneer 6x9s in the rear deck for fill.  Sounds great, but
if you have the money, go with a component set up front so you can
angle the highs where you want them.  Not that the Polk coaxs are
bad, mind you, but I feel my setup lacks some brightness.  Still
playing with it though...

What else?  CB radio installed (for bear traps of course, and traffic),
radar detector wired into the sunroof harness, trunk light and interior
light now working (bad grounds) and I *had* the power locks working:
the electrical connector inside the driver's door came off, and I put
it back on, but it was broken, and apparently did not hold.
I'll fix in when I have the alarm put in, since this model requires 
a solenoid inside the door if I want to have the alarm work the power

Pictures coming soon.

Thanks again for the advice and sympathy :)

| Dan |
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