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Re: A4

> Audi went out of the way to make things difficult to 
> upgrade-nonstandard dash opening and amps mounted on the speakers-require 
> you to replace the entire system. What a rip off.

My first comment when I saw it was "I shudder to think of what the
aftermarket fit kits will look like for this car!".
The dealer rep I met at Lime Rock told me there is a big problem
with car stereo theft in Germany right now, and that is the reason
for the non-DIN size head unit.  Whatever was in the car I sampled
at Lime Rock was pretty darn good (I think it was Bose) though
I did not try the changer, and of course did not drive it :( 

> Thanks for allowing me to blow off some steam.
> Chris
> 96 A4q
> 92 CBR 600F2

Ah, go ride your bike :) 

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