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UrQ Start probs... SOLVED!!!

Thanks everyone for giving me some helpful tips on the starting problems 
on my coupe. (bob, Nick, Scott...etc)

It seems that after a little bit of testing, from the ignition switch 
down, the problem was right at the starter.  The solenoid hot lead is a 
plug in spade type connector. It was completely off and just laying next 
to its terminal.  Which made sense that when I rocked it in gear it would 
sometime work. I love easy **CHEAP** fixes like that. I rewired it a bit 
to prevent it from happening again. If it werent for the heat wrap on the 
starter, it probably would have NEVER started. (it was keeping it close 
to the terminal)

For those with inquring minds...  I was seeing 11.6V at the  starter...! 
Better than expected.  And also the Bently books wiring for the coupe is 
not accurate, it shows the charging circuit off the alternator past the 
starter, it is before the starter. The starter is actually fed off the 
alternator post. (??!!)

Also, if y ou're going to advance your cam one tooth on the UrQ, adjust 
your ignition timing as well. It makes   BIG difference!! When I got the 
car, it had the cam advanced, but stock ignition timing. I was 
complaining it was flat and powerless with a lot of pedal, but now its great!


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