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Re: Upgrades to 80, Need advice

On Thu, 23 Nov 1995, Mark Shilling wrote:

> 1. Probably my first project will be the suspension.  Where can I get the
> best deal on KYB shocks and struts, what is approximate labor time, and
> should I replace the springs as well?

I do not recommend KYB's at all, they are the worst strut on the market. 
They are ok for a few months but you will be replacing them twice a year, 
they just dont last.

> 3. I don't know anything at all about chip upgrades, but understand there
> are at least 2 available for 80s - Superchips (22hp) and Total Audi
> Performance (12hp). What are pros/cons? Do they require special
> tools/diagnostics, etc, (read "Can I do this myself?")?

The chip in your computer is soldered in. You have to send in your 
computer, and they will modify it. In the case of TAP, they will just put 
on their sticker and send it back. :)  It seems that for the atmo 
engines, there is really no gain in doing the computer mods.

> 4. Tires are currently stock MX4 175 70 R14s. I would like something a
> little more agressive, and particularly good in rain.  I would also like to
> eventually replace the wheelcovers with alloys, but only want something
> simple - not flashy. I've never seen an 80 with anything other than the
> wheelcovers, are there stock alloys available?

I've had realy good luck with the Yoko U+4's... great traction all around 
for the not too aggressive driver.

> 5. Last but not least, I understand there is no substitute for K&N air
> filters. Comments?

I have had good luck with the K&N. You will feel a difference with it in, 
but dont expect big hp gains. I have had them on cars for hundreds of 
thousands of miles, and no probles at all. There was a thread recently 
about them, but I think it was due to OE.  :)

I recommend it highly.


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