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You know the rad. fan is going when...

Following regards 87 5kcsTQ, but probably useful to all:

I waited just a little too long after the warning on this one. As a result I
had to replace a wiring harness (done by a pro) costing $600, not including
the replacement fan!

A few years ago (about 130k) the fan started making an occasional high
pitched rattling kind of sound. Anyone that works with elect. motors knows
that "worn bearing" kind of sound. I let it go a about a week before ordering
replacement-I figured the worst that would happen is the fan would just give
up-I'd notice the engine running hotter-then I'd limp home(season-winter in
NY). The day I mail ordered the replacement, I was heading home about 45
miles away, at a stop light. Dark smoke started whisping from under my hood,
then ALL the warning lights came on, and the "check" system flashed
everything it had. I pulled off road and found that instead of the fan just
dying quietly, it had siezed. In doing so, the elect. draw must have
increased resulting in excess heat, which melted a vital wire harness. I
disconnected the fan motor, and was able to limp home, although all kinds of
warnings were flashing-eng.temp OK by optimizing revs and speed of car.

Moral of the story - replacing the fan was a simple remove/replace. But
waiting just a little too long, cost me big. The electrical problems that
resulted needed a pro.

Mike Aiello