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Re: You know it's going when...

> I've spent 9 years and driven 190k miles in my 87 5kcsTQ. I've never been
> stranded or been unable to at least limp home. Every time something was about
> to go, I always had "warnings", which gave me time to prepare ($$$). 
> I'm sure many fellow high milers have had similar experiences. I therefore
> propose a string entitled "You know your  <fill in part>  is going when...".
> This may help others (and us) to recognize impending repairs before it's
> too late.

As an Audi driving non-mechanic type I think this would be extremely 
useful.  Especially given the prices of parts around here.  If I've 
got some early warning signs I can refer to, it gives me time, if 
necessary, to order bits from other parts of this country or from 
overseas.  Good idea!


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