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Dead Clutch Pedal

Well, I had a sinking feeling when I bought the V8, I should
have sold my '84 5000S...but the wife liked the car so
much I let her keep it and I sold her blowVo. 

I'd had a periodic problem with the clutch pedal on Hot
days, it would slowly get lower and lower the more you'd
drive. Sometimes it would only have an inch or 2 of 
travel, but since I could still shift, and it only
happened on really hot days I ignored it. (would
only happen maybe 4 days out of the year and it
would return to normal as long as it was popped back
up again at night.)

This car also has an intermitten clutch slip. There 
were times when there was a pronounced slip, but
that too would cure itself....the slip would usually
happen in the winter, sportically.

About 2 years ago I changed the cylinder, one day
it started leaking, piston was all the way out. The 
above symptom/occurences continued after the new cylinder.

Current Status:

Clutch pedal goes to the floor and stays there.
Nothing seems to be leaking. (nothing out of the  ordinary)
The clutch will work a few times if the pedal is pulled
          back up manually, and left overnight.
No mechanical noises.
She's a little hard to get into gear on cold mornings.

I'd like to hear from anyone who's had similar problems or
might have some insight.  

Could the Diaphram Sping cause such a problem??
Could the Clutch Bearing Bind/Unbind??


1984 5000S
1990 V8Q
1968 MB250
1979 Chevy Opala (not a typo)

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