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Re: S4 in the snow!

11-29-95  12:43

 EL> driving a big powerful Q in the snow with the summer tires is
 EL> downright dangerous.  don't end up in the ditch like the 4X4's.

 EL> eliot

     You said it right. (as usual) Today was the first snow here, 
     and I figured the thinning Dunlops on the V8 would be OK,
     ahhh NOPE..my driveway has a prounouce slope (my house is 
     set ontop of a large granite ledge.) I tried to back up 
     the driveway....the shift lever said reverse, the wheels
     were spinning in reverse, the car was moving forward.
     It was still controlable though...just remember to 
     NEVER hit the brakes in such a situation, as you lose
     all control and the vehicle will probably slide 


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