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Oil Filter Wrenches

>      Okay, I have tried three or four different oil filter wrenches none of 
>      which has been any good for removing the larger of the two oil filters 
>      on my ur-quattro. It is extremely difficult to get at. I am fed up 
>      puncturing the filter with a screw driver and turning it with the 
>      handle of the screwdriver (20 degrees at a time!). I am contemplating 
>      buying the wrench advertised in the Automotion catalog; it looks like 
>      a spring that wraps around the outside of the filter and tightens 
>      around the filter to grip it, when you apply torque to the end of it. 
>      Has anyone tried it, does it work? Hot engine oil running up my sleeve 
>      has never been much fun.

One of my favorite wrenches is the old standby - a cotton or nylon 
strap which goes thru a stout piece of hollow tubing.  Wrap the strap 
around the filter, and keep turning until it moves.  BUT  this only 
works on filters which point down - or where you can get a straight
shot at the filter which allows the handle/hollow tubing to clear.  This 
type of wrench is CHEAP and generates the most turning force short of 
pounding a screwdriver thru the filter...

Another choice: might try the end-cap type wrenches which go over 
the base of the filter.  (Personally, I don't think they'd take much 

However, for most general uses, I prefer the old mechanic's wide 
metal band filter wrench - just push the handle over to generate 
friction.  The better ones have wider metal bands, generating more 
force to twist instead of crushing the filter.

Rotsa ruck.

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