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Transaxle Oil

In catching up on back email, I see a lot of discussion about the 
type of gear oil to use in a transaxle - differential - various terms 


1)  Audi has replaced the original petroleum based gear oil in their 
transaxles with synthetic gear oil under warranty.  This was done to 
my 84 5KT at 80K miles, no charge.  This widespread action by Audi 
should end ANY discussion about whether synthetic oil is REQUIRED 
in the transaxle.  Running anything else is foolish, IMO.  If you 
have petroleum based oil in the transaxle, my advice is to dump it 
fast and put in synthetic.

2)  When my auto transmission was rebuilt recently (some of you 
remember all the screaming and rending of garments...) the very sharp 
gent who did the work remarked that he purposely over-filled the 
transaxle slightly - AS PER Audi's recommendation - while it was out 
of the car, before re-installing.  Since the fill level of the 
transaxle is  critical to prevent major breakdowns, and the check 
orifice is not easy to access, I STRONGLY recommend this practice to 
those filling transaxles.  Sorry, I can't define "slightly over 
filled" for you, but fer cryin' out loud, this ain't heart surgery.

Hope this is of interest to you.

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