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Tires - Door Latch - Dash

> On 27 Nov 1995, Michael LaRosa wrote:
> > I've seen recommendations for Dunlop D40/M2 ?, and Comp T/A V rated, anybody
> > try these in H rated ? loud or quiet ?

I have run the BFG Comp/TA H-series on an '85 5KT and my current 1990 
200.  I like them much better than the original Goodyears.  They 
handle well, are quiet, have good traction, and provide a little 
softer ride than the OEM models.  They are also MUCH less expensive 
than many competitive tires.  An H-rating is plenty for our driving.

> From: i08963@intalco.com (Alan Callery)
> Subject: Front door latch
> This weekend the passenger door mechanism has decided to become "hard to 
> open".  Nothing appears to be broken YET but I suspect that someone will 
> break the handle soon.  I replaced this handle (actually both front door 
> handles) less than two years ago. 
> Does anyone have ideas on what I can do to eliminate the "hadness"?
> Alan Callery
> 87 5KCSTQW

Alan - if you have the  handles with the "toggle lever" inside, this 
problem is typical but easy to fix.  The problem is usually too much 
resistance to movement in the door locking assembly, which must move 
when the handle is opened.  Pop off the door panel, and get some 
white lithium spray-grease with the plastic tube you can insert into 
the nozle.  (I use some I bought for my Datsun Z-car at the Nissan 
dealer...)  Find EVERY point at which the locking mechanism connects 
(there are lotsa rods in there) and lubricate with the lithium 
grease.  Also lube the lock.  Doing this in my 84 5KT reduced the 
friction so much that it was possible to open the doors with two 
fingertips!  (Also - this fix is FREE except for the lithium grease.)

This friction is the most common cause of broken handles in the 80's 
5K series...and it's easy to prevent.

> Jesse,
> Try Black Again for the spoiler.  I haven't used it yet but have had it
> highly recommended to me by a local shop.  I use PB2.
> It sounds like you have too much ArmorAll on the dash and that is making it
> too reflective.  Try wiping it with a damp rag after treating it (the
> dashboard), or using a different product that doesn't leave such a hard
> shine.

Jesse and Richard - the more I learn about ArmorAll, the less I like 
it.  It has a terrible name on the Z-car list where I hang out.  
(Many on this list know oof the Z-car series' unfortunate habit of 
cracking dashes...)  I'd stop using ArrmorAll on the dash entirely.  
I am now using a trick I learned about on the Z-car list: Vaseline.  
Yes, I'm serious.  Coat the dash lightly with Vaseline on a warm day 
(basically a summer trick...not sure a space heater inside the car 
would help) and let the sun melt it.  Don't put so much on that it 
runs down into the speakers, etc.  When it has melted in for a day, 
wipe off with a towel.  Repeat as needed.  However - you could do 
this to a shiny dash and it might tame the shine!  This does NOT 
result in a sticky mess...it doesn't leave a shiny,slippery surface, 
just the original clean material.

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