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For the Armrest-Challenged

> From: higginst@nimo.com
> Subject: Inside door handle removal
>      So after using my pocket knife to remove the two high screws and 
>      popping all the perimeter rivets I was able to slide my arm in the 
>      bottom enough to push the window up and grab it. It is completely 
>      non-functional, which I can deal with, but I can't get the *^@?# door 
>      handle off and didn't want to screw with it any more than I have 
>      before consulting the WW sea of experts (notice the blatant 
>      patronizing).
>      Partics: 90 100. Electric windows, seats, mirrors, locks. Holes in 
>      underside of armrest that are apparently there for fun. How do I get 
>      this damn thing off???
>      Tom Higgins

Door handles are retained with one screw - and have a cable hooked to 
them.  Be careful and don't force the handle unit out, or you can break 
off the tab on the door panel into which the screw goes.  (Sound like 
personal knowledge???  Oh well, you CAN epoxy the tab back on - also 
proved by experience...)  The handle unit kinda pulls toward the rear 
of the car slightly, then pivots outward.  You will see the cable.

The holes in armrest are to access the allen-wrench screws which hold 
the armrests on!  I believe these are metric, but you needed that 
wrench set anyway, right??  Turn screws LOTSA times to loosen- then slide 
the handle outwards while wiggling.  Mark your switch looms if you 
unplug them.  The panel they're mounted on slides sideways out of the 
armrest/handle when it's off.

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