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Tranny Fill

> From: Michael Myers <myersm@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu>

> Question: I though that this happened on an 100?  Or is it the same 
> transmission?  I'm going to bring it to a independant shop, if the dealer 
> can't get this right, I'm not bringing my car back period.  Do you know 
> is this written down anyplace by audi itself so I can show the dealer so 
> they know for the future, or is this just one mechanics suggestion?  
> Thanks for your help
> 	-Mike

My transmission guy says: years ago,  Audi published a service bulletin 
which states to overfill the transaxle by 1/2 quart.  (And, of 
course, to use synthetic lube.)  He also says that the transaxle in 
the 100/200 series is essentially the same as the old 5K series.  So 
calling him back for this message was rewarding - he specified 
overfilling by 1/2 quart, so now I know the quantity.