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Re: S4 in the snow!

> I hope everyone had a great holiday free of Quattro Qatastrophies! 
> ;)  Here in North Central Iowa, the end of the holiday weekend
> also marked the start of a decent winter storm.  I awoke Monday
> morning to find about 4 inches of fresh powder on the ground... I
> was thinking "Cool, now I can see what the S4 is like in the
> snow!".... hmmmmm... well, it really wasn't too bad in the fresh
> powder so I tossed the keys to my father so he could drive it to
> work.  Later that day he returned from work and I asked him what
> he thought of it in the snow.  He replied by saying something about
> an "unguided missle" or something along those lines!  ;)  Needless
> to say, I was somewhat surprised, so I decided to take it out for
> a drive once more... WHOA!  He was right!  The streets had now been
> packed down and were solid snow and ice -this is about the time I
> wish it didn't have such wide low-profile tires on it... YIKES!  

There was a guy that went up to the Rutland Vt. area to go skiing 
recently. He has/had a brand new S6 wagon w/ 600 miles on it. While 
cruising up the mountian to Kilington ski area, he found out just how 
great those 225s are in the snow. He flipped the car, did $22k in damage 
to it. Sad.

> SO, now we're SERIOUSLY interested in finding a second set of
> wheels with snow tires on them.  Does anyone else out there drive
> an S4 in the snow?  Would the wheels from a 100 series fit on an
> S4?  I saw an S4 in Minneapolis that was wearing a set of hiddeous
> looking steel wheels and snow tires... we'd still like something
> that looks halfway decent.  Any ideas or recommendations out there?
I'l ask my friend what he recomends, as he works at VW Audi dealer and 
they sell lots of snows.

Brian 93 VR6