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Used Audi Wheels/Cheap

  There were a few on this list who were interested in Dan's 
  wheels when he was selling them. (Did you unload them?)

  For those of you still looking, PAP has them in their 
  flyer for $50.00.  "Audi 5000 Alloy Wheels '84-88"
  These are used but they guarantee them to be straight.

  I've been looking for quite a while now, the cheapest
  I've come up with is $70 a wheel from a boneyard in 
  GA. I've given up on local boneyards, they've so far
  delived one "star" type wheel, a turbo wheel, and
  a bent wheel. 

  Picked up a few other items from their flyer, lots
  of the new stuff is reasonable too.

  One thing, the flyer says prices are only good till
  tomorrow, November 30th.

  Other $50. specials:
  Audi 5000-Door shells; cloth or vyl seats;rear bumper cover; 
            rear decklids.
  Audi 4000-Door shells;cloth or vyl seats.

  I've got nothing to gain by this, hell, this is the first time
  I've ever ordered from them.  

  PS: Not Audi related, but I am helping a friend do some 
  work on his Porsche C4, it has dual distributors, with
  a belt drive between them.  The belt is broken, tried to 
  order the belt from the dealer (who so far has had really
  good prices on Euro-Select parts) and he informed me that 
  it's no available, and I had no alternative but to buy 
  the entire distributor setup for $1000.00.  I thanked him
  kindly, and upon review of my junk mail noticed the belt
  in the PAP flyer for $11.50. I bought 2.  Why can't I 
  come up with stuff like this when I need Audi parts...??


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  '84 5KS
  '68 MB250
  '79 Opala 

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