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RE: Hard Brakes in Deep Snow!

I try to stay out of deep snow with my 87 4kcsq, but I have noticed that 
immediately after coming out of a car wash I have no brakes for awhile.  
Have to ride the brake pedal for a few blocks to generate friction/heat 
and then all is fine again.  Same problem?

Bill Murin

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Dan Cooke cooke@bng.ge.com wrote:

> >	I own an '87 4000csq.  In deep snow the brakes seem to get 
> >rock hard.  I then have NO modulation in the brake system.  If I 
> >push REAL HARD the brakes will lock up, otherwise no braking at
> >all.  As you can imigane this puts a damper on winter quattro
> >fun.
> >					Fritz
> >zimm0062@itlabs.umn.edu
> >	
>  Mine gets this way in the deep stuff too.  I thinks the extra snow/water/ice
> makes the front discs less effective.
> Dan Cooke
> cooke@bng.ge.com
> '86 4kcsq