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Headlight Switch Assembly

Earlier today someone asked about a headlight switch, high beam, thingy 
(notice my command of technical terms).  Another net member referenced 
his recently arrived Blaugergnugen(umlaut over the "u" please!!) but said 
he did not have it with him.  

If we are all talking about the same part, Jim @ Blau has the following 

Combination headlight switch assembly; 5000/100/200
	List: $296.80,  until 1/31: $139.95

For those of you not familiar with Blau, they are an Audi/VX specalty 
shop in Manitowoc, WI about 150 miles north of Chicago on the shore of 
Lake Michigan.  Many of us on the list have dealt with Jim in the past 
and generally find him to be knowledgeable, good quality stuff, and 
decent prices.

Phone # for info or tech help:  414/683-1455
Phone # for orders only 1-800-683-Audi(2834)
Fax: 414/683-1220

I'm a satisfied customer althoug I have not bought anything from him 
since last APril (new exhaust system).  The Q has just been running and 
running and running, etc.  Of course I have a non-functioning driver's 
seat heater (in Wi in november no less) and a left rear door whose window 
goes neither up nor down.

Usual disclaimers apply.

Bill Murin
87 4kcsq