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Re: Slagmaster Q (brakes)

> All this talk of wet brake pads brings up a question. How are the Repco
> MetalMasters when cold and maybe wet. Rumor mill has it that there is very
> little braking down till these puppies warm up. And we know how a few
> members really dislike them. (Can't afford the CoolCarbons, Scott).
> I'd like to put on the Repco's and get a little better than stock braking.
> But am slightly concerned about long drives in the cold when the pads cool
> waaaay back down and I jam on the brakes when coming up to the truckers
> with a 40+mph differential in Montana. Would like to keep driver's seat
> clean.
> Thanks.
> This is for a lowly 87 5000s. Stuck with stock 10" front disks. Prolly what
> is normally found on those brake equipped shopping carts.

I have the same question (for my even lowlier '81 4k).  Coming up to 
my first change of pads for this car and I'd like to put some pads in 
which give me the best braking under normal daily driver conditions.  
I don't want problems with cold or wet conditions, but nor am I going 
to push the brakes too much.  If MMs don't do that, what other names 
should I try?


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