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Re: Audi toolset

I saw the great tool kit in my brother's BMW, so I just had to have one for 
my Corrado. I hit the local junkyard and found two car with tool kits. 
One was an 83 320i sport, nice plastic case.. no tools, paid $5 for it. 
2nd car was a 74 2800 sedan, large tool kit w/ all the tools! Paid $15 
for it, the guy did not know what he was selling. I've heard the case 
alone is worth over $100! I'm saving it for a long time.

Anyway, my point is these cases have metric tools, many of which will fit 
our VW/Audi cars. They are easy to retro-fit in your truck/ hatch cover 
whatever. Call some salvage yards and see what you can find. Goodluck

Brian 93 VR6