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Re: (no subject)

> I just ordered a new A4 (w/Quattro, of course!).
> Is that 172bhp V6 the same as what VW uses in their VR6 models?  I swore 
> it was, but my brother in law thinks it looks way too big under the hood 
> of the A4, much bigger than what's in the VWs.
> Just checking.

No no, the VR6 is a totally different engine. Same displacment, similar 
output, different powerband from what I've been told. The VR6 is a 15 
degree V6 capped by a single cylinder head, 12 valves per cylinder. 
Audi's is a 60? degree I think. It's to bad Audi didn't get to use the VR 
in their cars, lots of aftermarket parts to up the power. 

Brian 93 VR6