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Re: (no subject)

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Adam Frix wrote:

> I just ordered a new A4 (w/Quattro, of course!).
> Is that 172bhp V6 the same as what VW uses in their VR6 models?  I swore 
> it was, but my brother in law thinks it looks way too big under the hood 
> of the A4, much bigger than what's in the VWs.
> Just checking.
> --Adam Frix--
> 70721.504@compuserve.com

You missed all the fun we had a few weeks ago with a big debate over 
which engine (the VR6 or the audi V6) is better.  Asside from 
displacement and hp figures, they are quite different.  The audi engine 
is a traditional 90 degree (or is it 60?) v, and the VR6 is a 15 degree.  
This narrow angle allows the engine to fit in the same space as a 4 
cylinder inline.
You're not the only one to wonder if they're the same engines.  My 
December issue of Snow Country magazine they have a report on "snow 
ready" cars.  They mention the A6q, S6, A4q, and briefly mention the A8.  
In their statement about the VW Golf GTI they say, "The same powerplant 
that's found in the Audi A4 and A6 sedans provides the mountain climbing 
muscle of 172 horses."  Um, I think not.  Of course, they also liked the 
look of the new Tarus and E-class MB's.  'nuff said.