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Wow!--was Re: Audi toolkit!

    Actually Steve, I think that is pretty normal too keep some tools with you
in the trunk.  It didn't seem to extreme to me.   Of course, my trunk is usuall
y empty (I guess I'll learn the hard way) except for a little jug of Pentosin,
a flashlight, and a big ass thing of duct tape!  These fit easily into the side
 pocket flaps in the trunk.  I am pretty much dependant on the little Audi roll
-up pouch for tools.

    But, a friend of mine, who has a 5000CSTQ has the following tools in his tr
unk.....I thought this was a little extreme, but he's prepaired for the worst!

       * A full metric Craftsman tool set (like the one you have) with socket w
renches, several types os screwdrivers, etc.
       * a full set of hex wrenches.
       * 1 full sized jack.
       * 3-4 extra hose clamps.
       * spare radiator hose.
       * nice tire gauge.
       * volt/amp meter.
       * a full (small) container of Pentosin.
       * an extra quart of motor oil.
       * 4 bungee cords.
       * 2 big rolls of duct tape.
       * a big roll of electrical tape.
       * just about every gauge spare wire you can think of.
       * connectors (for wiring).
       * a full set (5) of used, but good spark plugs.
       * a canister of valve/fuel injector cleaner.
       * a can of WD-40.
       * the Bently manuals (both).
       * the Haynes manual.
       * tube of anti-cease lubricant.
       * spare timming belt/ gaskets.
       * the Audi factory roll-up toolkit.
       * a canister of tire-seal (flat fix).
       * a California car duster.
       * a full sized spare tire (H-rated) on a fact rim.
       * and, a police issue night stick.

   This is true....he really has all this in his trunk and more....I'm sure.  A
nd, actually I forgot to mention all those speacial tools he has, like the crim
pers, 2 pairs of needlenose pliars, other wrenches, etc, and he has a flashligh
t that you wear around your head, so you can see while your working.

   I thought this was a little rediculous, since I don't see the point to a lot
 of that stuff, like the spark plugs....I don't think they will just go out on
me in the middle of a trip (and he just replaced his last month).  But, then ag
ain, there's a law that applies here:  You will never have a problem with the p
arts that you keep spares for in your trunk, so as long as they're in there, yo
u won't have to worry about it.