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Coupla threads

>From Joe Yakubik
Subject: tying threads together

...hitting a semi...doing 100...can kill.  Understatement?  I am compelled to
throw out some comments on a few of the threads running right now.  For those
who feel that the repeal of a national speed limit makes the Interstates into
something resembling a racetrack, think again.  There has always been a speed
limit over here, but it is sometimes based on subjective criteria: traffic,
weather, road conditions, etc.  Sometimes it's posted.  Driving fast because
it's fun, legal, gets you there quicker, and above all safe; is one thing.
Driving fast simply because you can (ie your car can achieve high speed) is
something completely different.  The speeds on the Autobahn are very closely
regulated, and except for some Michael Schumacher wannabes pretty closely
Example: Going 130 mph uphill on the Autobahn (legal, fun).  The road was dry,
traffic moving along, car (91 200 TQ, headlights on -- DRL thread) in good
condition (safe).  A Fiat Punto checks his blind spot (I'm not there, yet, but
soon will be) signals once and pulls out, doing 40 mph, to pass a truck (legal).
I scrub off 90 mph and fall into line behind this 45 HP shoebox until it is
clear to pass (safe).  This scenario repeats itself three or four more times
with different Fiats, (Pandas, too) until I feel brake fade setting in (UFO
brakes thread here).  I am no longer confident in my cars ability to brake
safely so I slow down, brakes cool down, and we start all over again.  I did not
tailgate the Fiat, which BTW is standard German practice, nor did I flash my
left signal or my high beams because that is illegal in Germany because it
pisses people off, makes them obstinately stay in front of you, impedes  traffic
flow and causes accidents.  

BTW had someone hit me, when I was going 130 mph, and I had done absolutely
nothing wrong; I would still be partially at fault.  The *recommended* maximum
speed limit in Germany is 130 _KPH_.  The German government feels any speed in
excess of 130 kph automatically lends itself to accidents, but can't take the
political heat to put in a speed limit. (Thank god for a vocal electorate)

To paraphrase Bob...Fast, SAFE, Quattro

I'll climb down off my soap box here.  

BTW -- 91 200 TQW  so far, knock on wooden trim: A/C good, heat good, windows
good, heated seats (except for the burned out $0.10 light bulb in the switch)

Joe Yakubik

Duane recommends organic brake pads, Duane's cat is organic...Hmmm, I could use
some new brake pads.