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Audi in Dec Car Mags

So far a generally good month for Audi in the Dec car mags.

European Car has a nice story about another Audi concept vehicle tagged 
the Audi TT.  Looks like a close sibling to VWs new beetle.  Supposedly 
on the A3 chassis powered by the 1.8l turbo 4 cylinder.  One is 
apparently going to the Tokyo auto show in cabrio form powered by a VR 5 
engine derived from the VW VR6.  Porjected price if we can ever get one 
is 35K.  First several sentences refer to the Avus & Q Spyder which ". . 
. won-and broke-hearts when they were displayed and semmingly abandoned."

There is also an ad in the issue for a company in College Station, TX, 
Evolution Tuning.  Ad says that "nothelle automobile Kompetenz" 
celebrates its comback to American by introducing its latest European 
release the "n4-V6(based on the A4).  

Among the items supposedly available are: sport suspension, 16" & 17" 
wheels, interiors, a motor tuning program avaialble Spring '96.  

Any comments?  Anyone know anything about this?

The Discount tire ad in the same issue shows a red A4 fitted with 17" 
Cromadora wheels. Looks neat.

finally, Performance Car, that wonderul English $7.00 per copy in the US 
mag, did a 10 coupe road test for the current issue.  Cannot remember all 
the cars they tested, but what appears to be an A4 couple fitted with a 
2.8l 6 @ 150hp finished 7th.  Most of the words they used to secribe the 
car werevery positive.  First was a Fiat turbo something or other (Sorry 
I did not pay closer attention).

Bill Murin