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motor mounts

Hi Folks,

I am a another member of the list that has been lurking (since June 
95). Basically because most problems that have developed with my 1988 
5000 CSTQ have been resolved using the archives, FAQ, or from reading 
current list mail. Also my mechanical/technical knowledge is not to 
the point where I can impart wisdom (heck I have a hard time making 
those smiley faces (:.)). I do have changing the oil/filter down 
pretty good and have messed with the climate control computer/control 
a little. 

I have questions about the motor mounts for this beast. Here is the 
story: I brought my car to a mechanic (used him before to change the 
timing belt) to have the fuel pump/filter replaced. I got him to 
match Carlsen's quote for a new pump, $80.00 less then what he was 
going to charge, he wasn't a happy camper. While driving me back to 
work he told me that the slight vibration in the steering wheel was 
probably caused by the motor mounts leaking/seeping. He said they 
cost about $90.00 apiece (2), didn't say anything about labor. I have 
never seen anything listed about motor mounts so I need some general 
knowledge about them, symptoms etc.

Car History: 1988 5000 CSTQ miles app. 95k (odometer not working, 
another project)
Purchased: May, 1995
Steering Rack/Hydraulic pump and exhaust from converter back replaced 
in June, 1995 (for free by the dealership because of shady dealings 
and threat of the State's Attorney General office getting involved.
Timing belt replaced in July '95.
Fuel Pump/Filter replaced Dec. '95
Oil/Filter replaced regularly by me!!

Needs Fixin:
The Bomb (my next mechanical challenge)!
One door handle (Mechanic said they sell kits for these now and he 
could fix for about $40 to $50 dollars.) Comments.
Climate Control Computer--don't they all

Larry K.
( ), (:0), (::), (;.), (:~), (:-), all right!!!!