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Re: motor mounts

On  2 Dec 95 at 22:45, MR LARRY J KERSEVICH wrote:

> I have questions about the motor mounts for this beast. Here is the 
> story: I brought my car to a mechanic (used him before to change the 
> timing belt) to have the fuel pump/filter replaced. I got him to 
> match Carlsen's quote for a new pump, $80.00 less then what he was 
> going to charge, he wasn't a happy camper. While driving me back to 
> work he told me that the slight vibration in the steering wheel was 
> probably caused by the motor mounts leaking/seeping. He said they 
> cost about $90.00 apiece (2), didn't say anything about labor. I have 
> never seen anything listed about motor mounts so I need some general 
> knowledge about them, symptoms etc.

I recently replaced a mount on my 5 cyl 4k.  Before this, at
100kph/3000rpm the thing made a noise like it was gonna come out of
the car.  By this stage the fluid was well and truly gone, so the
mount was basically metal on metal.  Much worse on the road and
under load, though even revving while not under load produced similar
symptoms to running on 4 cyls.  I think the other one's gone too; 
still bucks around a bit at idle (it's an auto).  US$90 sounds good 
to me, mine cost A$300!  Fitting them in my car wasn't much of a 

If anyone does have more info I'd be interested in hearing it too.


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