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Re: How safe is above normal boost?

In a message dated 95-12-21 00:30:30 EST, dan@di.com (Dan Bocek) writes:

[delete: observations of unmodified ur-q computers
>Note:  I've *ONLY* looked so far at what Ned has done to the TQC
>computers.  So, for all of you with the 5000 turbo IA mods and such,
>there's still hope...  Merry Christmas! 

Dan--this actually makes some sense since the ur-q uses only a mechanical
boost control system (the wastegate spring)--the computer is controlling only
the fuel system in response to the boost it sees.  For the later 5kt where
the computer also controls the wastegate, i'd guess a bit more work would be
needed to make it all work in concert.