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FS: 80/90 rollcage

Since I've decided to go with a custom-built rollcage for my 4k, I'm selling
the one I bought earlier this year from PAP that I'd planned to adapt.  It's
made by FABCAR (who is now heavily involved in Indycars) and designed for an
80 & 90.  It bolts in and the front hoops are designed to go around the dash
rather than through it; the rear braces may or may not require the rear seat
to be removed (I don't have an 80 to test-fit it in!).  All in all, the cage
is well built and would work well in a hi-po street car ... it doesn't quite
meet SCCA rules for roadracing (no door bars) but since neither the 80/90 is
classified for such, it doesn't really matter.  Oh, yeah: if you are looking
for adventure, it CAN be made to fit into a 4k but it will take some work...

If you're interested or need more details, give me a call at (602) 860-2729.
I'm open to reasonable offers (it's taking up space in my storage room!) but
am not desperate to sell it since I figure my present 4k fetish will someday
mature into an 80/90 obsession and it'll come in handy then...

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