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Re: Euro > US plate bracket

> In a related story, I'm also trying to get a set of blacked out tail light
> lenses. However, the center lense needs to be a special shape to fit the
> US plate. Any ideas? Sport Wheels wants $675 for a set of blacked out
> lenses. I nearly blacked out when they gave me the price. Ouch, babe.

VHT used to make a product called "Night Shades" that was designed to tint
tailights.  I used it to tint those on my '81 4k several years ago and the
stuff worked as advertised and lasted forever ... don't know if this stuff
is still available (I haven't seen it around for years but still have some
left in a can on the shelf in my garage) but since VHT is a local company,
I'll try to give them a call tomorrow and find out.

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