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RE: After Run relay PN

Dave asked:

>Does anyone have a price/part number for the electronic after run relay for
>87 5KCSTQ?  Mine has probably gone (been) south.  I removed, disassembled,
>cleaned and tested the electric cooling pump yesterday - it works fine, but
>won't run when I jumper the thermoswitch (which I still haven't ID'ed or
>replaced).  The last 4 numbers on mine are 571A - but the pin #s on the
>bottom of the relay don't correspond to the Bentley for my year.  This makes
>me unsure if I have the correct one...

	I just went out and looked in my '87 5KCSQ and the one that melted on
me has a BIG 214 on the top, has the Audi 4 rings and says 443 951 253K on one
side, on another side it has SHO(manufacturer I think) and the #89 9512 below
that 40A 12V. It was replaced with one that has a BIG 204 on the top and part
#431 951 253 H has the 4 circles, but was made in Italy, not Germany like the
original, by MP. It also says 12V 40A and on the lil' circuit diagram has the
same pin numbers(I assume they're pin #'s) 30,85,86,and 87 as the original.

I hope this helps, Dave.

							Happy motoring,


OH, it goes into relay position #2 in the underhood relay/fuse box.