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Re: Fuel Injection Book

>   Also, while we're discussing books, I was wholely disappointed
>   with the Brooklands Audi Quattro "Gold Portfolio" that 
>   someone on here recommended before. It's shabbily printed,
WHOOOOA! I'm the fellow that posted that it was listed as a new offering in the
Christmas catalog from "Classic Motorbooks", but recommend it I did not. Just
said it appeared to be a new offering, and might make a good Christmas gift for
the Quattrophile who has everything. I'm sorry it was a let down:~( , but
thanks for the "heads-up" on it. I haven't sent my "long-green" to them yet,
and probably won't now. Maybe they'll refund your loot if you complain about
the quality, or lack there of? It sounded like a safe bet when I read the