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Re: Pagids

Here are some more info's about the Pagid pads.
I used the RS4-2 on several race cars ( Group N BMW M3 and
Group N Opel Astra) and couldn't complain about there 
performance. In comparision to other pads like Jurid or
Ferodo racing pads are the Pagids RS4-2 much better.

Here are some numbers of the Pagid pads:

Type RS4-2 (blue)

friction coeff.: operating u0.45-0,50 / cold u0.40-0.42 
                 fading u0,36-0,38
temperature : continious 400-700C / short 800C
application: hillclimb,Rallye,Slalom,circuit racing

Type RS 9 (yellow)

friction coeff.: operating u0.38-0,42 / cold u0.36-0.38 
                 fading u0,36
temperature : continious 300-650C / short 750C
application: Rallye,long distance circuit racing

Type RS 7 (black) sorry no numbers available

In Germany the different types are used as follows:

RS 9 mostly in long distance races like 4 hours on the
Nrburgring , also used at the rear of cars with a 
tendency to overbrake at the rear axle

RS 4-2 very popular for rallye cars and used at circuit
racing for shorter distances , (best type for street use) 

RS 7 used on rear axles only , low friction coeff. with 
degressive behaviour , specially developed for rear axles
 , mostly used on front wheel driven cars

Some notes on how to use these pads:

Before running the Pagids on a used disk you should trim the
edges of the pad at an angle of 45 degree at all sides

basic seasoning:
to geometrically adapt the pads to the disks brake 3 -4 times
with light to medium pressure with starting speed 150 km/h
down to 100 km/h with a cooling phase of 300-400 meters
in between , the pad temperature should not exceed 300-400C

thermal seasoning:
high speed adaption with medium to strong brake pressure
at a starting speed of 180 km/h down to 100 km/h. Don't 
block the wheels and don't use the ABS! clean the brakes
2-3 times with very little brake pressure , repeat the whole
procedure 1-2 times , cooling phase between the high speed
brakes 500 meters

Now you are ready to go -)

      Hans-Juergen Schneider
      Internet: hschnei@ibm.net
      Germany , 200 Quattro