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Re: Pagids

In a message dated 95-12-04 15:02:20 EST, you write:

>thermal seasoning:
>high speed adaption with medium to strong brake pressure
>at a starting speed of 180 km/h down to 100 km/h. Don't 
>block the wheels and don't use the ABS! clean the brakes
>2-3 times with very little brake pressure , repeat the whole
>procedure 1-2 times , cooling phase between the high speed
>brakes 500 meters
>Now you are ready to go -)

And for us non autobahners the setting procedure is quite amusing, explain a
110 to 70 brake in procedure to officer "Bob".......  The pagid blues are not
available here, unfortunately.....  For racing, they are prolly better than
the CC's, but that assumes you are not objecting to regular rotor RR.....  Or
fluid bleeding after the track session.....  The CC's are about as aggressive
once the Carbon effect has transferred to the rotors, and the ceramic barrier
is definitely good at reduction of fade and fluid boil......