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Singin' the P-free blues.....

In a message dated 95-12-04 11:50:50 EST, you write:

>K's. I noticed friday afternoon on my return from lunch that steam was
>issuing forth from my grill; I immediately thought broken or cracked
>inlet. But it turned out to be the small "banjo" fitting that is joined by a
>small 3/4" long rubber hose to the turbo water supply line. I'm in the
>of trying to locate the best price on a new one and I may as well replace
>multi-function sensor while I'm there; temp. gauge has been flakey for the
>three years I've owned the car. The point of this is that I believe the
>previous owner/maintainer of this car didn't use phosphate-free antifreeze
>it; I've

This fitting is a common place for the rotting in the cooling system,
phosphate or P-Free systems......  Don't shop too much it's only a $15-20
part......  The hose to the coolant afterrun pump also has a propensity to
rot, as does the pump itself......  You are working on an "old" car here, and
hoses are a regular maintenance item......  Not sure the P-free argument is
really the problem.....