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Banjo fitting

Regarding Shef's message:

I had the exact same problem about a year ago the night before I was leaving
for Florida. Doing my "preflight" checkup I noticed corrosion at the metal
fitting and the hose was leaking a little bit. I wasn't real comfortable
driving 3,000 miles with the hose in that condition, but couldn't get one on
a Saturday night (or Sunday for that matter). I pulled it out and put in hi
temp 3/4" (or 5/8" I forget) fuel line hose as a "temporary fix". I figured
I could change this on the road somewhere. Well, it's a year and 35,000
miles later and it's still working fine. You'll need to take the hose
fitting off and then saw off the the elbow on the old hose (you'll be left
with metal fitting on each end), just use the hose to connect with a couple
of small hose clamps. I think this is actually a better setup because the
Fuel line hose flexes better than the OEM hose. In regard to antifreeze, I
have always used good old Prestone w/o any problems. I don't think this hose
failure is antifreeze related. Good luck.. 

Bob Dunne
'90 200T