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Euro > US plate bracket

Hi there,

Anybody know a source for some type of bracket that will allow me to mount
my US license plate on my European front bumper? Or is it easier and cheaper
to just make something? My front bumper is designed to take the long, thin
"British and German" plate shape. I've heard that one or more Scandinavian
countries have license plates shaped like ours, so maybe there's something

In a related story, I'm also trying to get a set of blacked out tail light
lenses. However, the center lense needs to be a special shape to fit the
US plate. Any ideas? Sport Wheels wants $675 for a set of blacked out
lenses. I nearly blacked out when they gave me the price. Ouch, babe.

Oh, and we're talking about a TQC here (what other car would let you spend
$675 on tail light lenses?).
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