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Re: Clatter clatter

All this talk about noisy lifters has me just about
ready to go pull the cam cover off my Miata and measure
its lifters, just to see if they'll fit! After all,
it's got 16 of the buggers, and makes nary a tap even
on the coldest mornings.... (yes, they're hydraulic)

Or maybe I'll go dig around in the garage for some
leftover Fiat ones. Not hydraulic, but not noisy,

Anyone ever fit shimmed tappets to their engine?

FWIW, I'm very suspicious of the claimed benefits of
the "snake oil" type additives. Call me conservative,
but I'll stick with identifying and replacing the
bogus lifter(s), followed by religious 3000 mi oil
changes (synthetic!). My 5kS taps for about 10 sec
on cold startup, and then is quiet as can be.

Eric T.     '86 5kS