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Buying or Selling a used Audi?

Just wanted to let people know about a great service on the Web 
that makes buying and selling used Audis a snap. 

Classifieds2000 (http://www.Classifieds2000.com) is a free public 
service that actually does your shopping for you.  You simply specify 
the type of Audi you are looking for (including make, model, year, 
price range, mileage, body style, transmission...) and every time 
another user inputs an Audi onto the system meeting your criteria you 
are notified via email.  Every morning you will have a brand new listing 
of Audi cars matching your search criteria.  The feature in Classifieds2000
is called "Cool-Notify" and it is actually a really neat way to shop.

Plus, if you are selling your car, you can list your ad for free 
on Classifieds2000.

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