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Re: Internal Calipers

Jeremy King inquires:

>>I need to know more about the internal calipers on the 200's.  When you 
>>change them out to regulars, is it a bolt on kinda swap?  Don't you use 
>>brake hardware off of a 5k?  I'm asking all this 'cause BJ said he would 
>>send somebody all the hardware off of a 5k in exchange for a set of 
>>internal calipers.  He wants them for some reason.  But only if it's a 
>>bolt on kinda deal.  Please let me know.  And let me know if you're 
>>interested in swapping with him, or if you have a set of internal caliper 
>>hardware lying around.  TIA
>Yup it a bolt on........  Like the whole Upright, strut, outer CV, Lower 
>Control Arm, Spring, and of course the calipers and rotors have to be 
>swapped out.  I think that the swap out is to the tune of $3000

This is covered in Technical Bulletin 46 92-01, "Installation of 1992 MY V8
Brake System to Eliminate Complaints of Steering Wheel Shimmy during
Braking."  The part number for the WHOLE kit is (was) 441 498 615;  part
numbers for individual components aren't provided.  Since Audi doesn't make
such changeouts anymore, I'm guessing the whole kit isn't available anymore
(though one might be on some dealer's shelf somewhere).  I don't know if you
can use the dual piston caliper setup off the earlier 5ktq cars--the p/n for
brake pads is different from 10v cars to 20v cars.