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Re: Internal Calipers

>I need to know more about the internal calipers on the 200's.  When you 
>change them out to regulars, is it a bolt on kinda swap?  Don't you use 
>brake hardware off of a 5k?  I'm asking all this 'cause BJ said he would 
>send somebody all the hardware off of a 5k in exchange for a set of 
>internal calipers.  He wants them for some reason.  But only if it's a 
>bolt on kinda deal.  Please let me know.  And let me know if you're 
>interested in swapping with him, or if you have a set of internal caliper 
>hardware lying around.  TIA

Yup it a bolt on........  Like the whole Upright, strut, outer CV, Lower 
Control Arm, Spring, and of course the calipers and rotors have to be 
swapped out.  I think that the swap out is to the tune of $3000


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com