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Re: 4000 and Coupe Models?

>Yes.  First imported to the USA in 1981.  5 cylinder 100HP 2.2L engine, tall
>(overdrive) fourth and fifth gears.  Silver "snowflake" 14Jx6 wheels.
>and black trim.
Only 252 Imported to the US in '81.  Used to have one, and I put "Over" 
350K Miles on it.  Now my parts guy ownes it!

>1982; Different throttle body for improved gas mileage, mostly from less
>fuel consumption at idle.  Very minor trim differences.  Hard to tell the
>difference from looking at them.
Trunk Spoiler was changed to a stand-off wing in 1982.  That's about the 
only outside difference.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com