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Re: 4000 and Coupe Models?

>> Question, I thought anyhing with a build date after 6/30 was classified as
>> the next model year? 
>> Mike
>Thats what I thought but thats what the date on it is. It could have been 
>like a 6/30 car or something just not finished till July, or maybe they 
>just didn't what to bring them out for one more year.

I think that is more a function of car manufacturers needing production runs
of the next year's models to "fill the pipeline" by the traditional fall new
car season.  While we typically see "early" model year introductions (i.e. a
'96 MY car introduced in March or April), I believe manufacturers are free to
continue producing the current MY until the end of the calendar year--you can
usually see why they don't--would you buy a 12/95 build date 1995 MY that
won't reach the showroom for delivery until 2/96?

OTOH--The story is that BMW continues to build the '95 M3 for the US market
(and Audi the S6?) through the end of the year, so they can avoid all new
certification tests for the 1996 MY on limited volume cars, esp with the new
OBD (II? III?) regs.